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I am getting a lot of questions surrounding concerns related to the virus. There is no property or loss of income coverage under the BOP that is triggered by this virus, or any illness.

Business Income, Business Income from Dependent Properties, and Civil Authority coverage's are all tied to & triggered by property coverage. Those coverage's apply when there is...


One of my clients just wrote me this note (this is exactly how data coverage works for you):

"I just wanted to share my scary story with a happy ending with y'all. I have been insured by Allstate through Howard and Steven for a couple years now. This past April, lightning struck our trees, and carried through our home, killing many electronics. One of those devices was my Drobo tower with all of my client and personal photos on it from the past 15 year...


I will be attending Wedding & Portrait Photographers Internationals (WPPI) in Las Vegas on February 24-27, 2020. Here is a 15% discount promo code - ALLSTATE. Also, if you buy one Conference Platform Pass you get one free. So, pair up with your photographer friend to save more. Please visit booth 151 when you attend.


The Copyright Alternative in Small-claims Enforcement Act passed the House of Representatives in October 2019. Vote was 410 For, 6 Against.

An article on says "The CASE Act would create a small claims tribunal in the United States Copyright Office to hear copyright infringement cases, and provide photographers, graphic artists, illustrators, authors, songwriters and other individual creators and small businesses, for the first time an affordab...


Please come and visit our booth at ClickCon photography conference in Chicago. Howard Burkholz, a Professional Photographers Insurance Specialist, will be teaching two workshops at ClickCon. Please attend if you can be in Chicago in these dates.


Wedding photographers, like so many other type of photographers, should carry general liability. This coverage protects the professional photographer from injury or property damage to a 3rd party. This coverage is often required by clients and/or venues prior to a shoot. Evidence of the coverage (and other coverages) is proved by certificate. This certificate can be issued one of two ways. 1) Certificate Holder 2) Additional Insured. Additional insure...


The website of a marketing firm that relied heavily on its web presence to cultivate clients and deliver services was taken over by cyber criminals. Extensive IT work was required in order to regain control of the site and a significant amount of business was lost while the work progressed. Cost of system restoration and lost business: $45,000.


The office manager of a three doctor practice failed to change passwords after an employee left on bad terms and, shortly thereafter, the practice discovered that its system had been hacked. The system began to act erratically, crucial software programs were unavailable and large amounts of data appeared to have been deleted. Cost for data restoration, data recreation, system restoration, public relations and business interruption: $33,850.


Mobile devices. Public cloud. Cloud infrastructure. User behavior.

Security professionals who participated in Cisco’s third annual Security Capabilities Benchmark Study cited all those elements as top sources of concern when they think about their organization’s risk of exposure to a cyber attack. 


Of course, money is at stake in any cyber attack — but businesses, especially small ones, often lose much more than that. Security breaches can affect all aspects of a targeted company, from its operations and finance to its brand reputation and customer loyalty.

More than half of businesses surveyed that had their data breached were subjected to public scrutiny as a result. They also suffered some measurable losses:

  • 29 percent of businesses that we...

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